Great Glushu work

Thanks to expert farrier Ulrich Gerusel for sending us these videos of Lady. Ulrich has been using Glushu with Lady for 8 months after it was recommended by her clinic that she be euthanised due to chronic laminitis. Ulrich has seen great success with Glushu on laminitic horses and was sure it was not the end for Lady. 

Glushu provides the farrier with an amazing tool to get the foot off the ground and add modifications providing support and shock absorption without the extratrauma of hammering and nailing.

Maintaining good circulation and exercise is essential to help horses through laminitis. Glushu provides hoof support, shock absorption and cushion so that your horse can continue to be turned out in comfort during a laminitic episode. Being stable bound has been proven to exacerbate laminitis due to weight gain and lack of exercise.

​For horses who need a bit of extra support we have Glushu frog inserts and hoof pads. Please click here for full information –

From Farrier Ulrich Gerusel.

„When we first met this horse it had sever laminitis and had already been declared “dead” by the vet clinic. I have used Glushu on many laminitic horses with great success and thought they could offer hope to Lady.

I stuck the Glushu as an open toe at intervals of 5 weeks. After 8 months of Glushu things are going great and the horse is completely pain free and in good health.”

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